Panfu is Right!

I think panfu is right! This is a cheat website, and panfu don’t agree it! So I think panfu should go without cheats! But please, panfu team! Should I post the events! I swear ,I will not resolve them! πŸ˜‰ ! Please comment me, panfu team! Until then! I will wait and don’t post any more!



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San Franpanfu for NonMembers!!!


Now, San Franpanfu is for nonmembers!!!

In the sallon is a new game too!

Yuppy!!! Have Fun!

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Team panfu visit the website!

This message is for Team Panfu,

Dear Team,

Thanks for the “Well Done”. But Some pandas need help from me and I can’t let them! So please don’t ban me! Thanks…Cosu.

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Millie atention!

Hey millie!

You post verry, verry much comments with questions and…well…is time to let someone else to put questions! And don’t put stupid questions, please (this is availbe to all pandas)



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The stolen Water Quest and other news!


New Game Called “Pip it”:

It’s located at the Old Harbour!

The Music has changed at the old harbour , too!

Next is the baby alien who sleep , sleep , sleep … He maybe dream his lands in mars! :))


The quest is not now…It will start at 8.08.2008 , Next Friday!

So here is the subject in this quest:

All the water from the pool has been stolen! Why? Because this:

Now We need to wait until 8.08.2008 to finish the quest ! (This post will be updated then πŸ˜‰ ! )

Also , when you finish to talk to that special Panda you can print and try this at home πŸ™‚ !

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New Place for nonmembers :) !

In panfu is now a new place availble for nonmembers too πŸ™‚ !

It’s called: Old Harbour! Chek it out!

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Thinking about answering!

Hey Pandas!

I have been thinking about all your questions in your comments!

I will answer your Questions Every day, in my new page “Questions awaiting answers”! πŸ˜‰

Sorry for the lasts coments, but I start now!

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New Quest for members… :|

All for members! Some part of the quest can be taken by the non members, but next you need to enter san franpanfu … This is what I discover!

Go to the gift shop, in the town, and click on the special panda!

Then go to the swimming poll and click the special panda!

Then click on the yes button to enter a quiz!

The answer for question #1 is: “All fish have fins”

Then, the answer for question #2 is: “The chamaleon shows it’s moods withΒ  it’s colouring”

The panda will tell ya the password: “Lemon tree”

Then, go to the castle and talk to Bobby! Here I end my quest! You need to go to San Franpanfu! (Not Fair)

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San Franpanfu is open for members!

New member place is now in panfu! Is called : “San Franpanfu”

Only mebers can go there! 😐 !

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Prof. Bookworm is now in his laboratory…But how he repaired his disaster?


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