New Quest for members… :|

All for members! Some part of the quest can be taken by the non members, but next you need to enter san franpanfu … This is what I discover!

Go to the gift shop, in the town, and click on the special panda!

Then go to the swimming poll and click the special panda!

Then click on the yes button to enter a quiz!

The answer for question #1 is: “All fish have fins”

Then, the answer for question #2 is: “The chamaleon shows it’s moods withΒ  it’s colouring”

The panda will tell ya the password: “Lemon tree”

Then, go to the castle and talk to Bobby! Here I end my quest! You need to go to San Franpanfu! (Not Fair)

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  1. omg
    stupied admins
    im not member 😦
    Cosu: I know…I am not, too!

  2. thats so unfair members get everything
    hey why dont we complain to panfu?
    hardly anyones a member so we would easily win any debate
    caldude6 (we’ve met before)
    Cosu: πŸ˜‰ ya !

  3. cosu you are the best
    if you close the site again
    am very angry
    you are the beat!
    Cosu: I will not close my site again , be sure ! πŸ˜‰

  4. Thanks to San Franpanfu, I almost quit!
    I mean, they copied Club Penguin A LOT
    and Club Penguin didn’t keep a private room for members!
    Panfu WILL fail because of this. Non-members will discover Club Penguin and quit Panfu.
    Cosu:That’s right! But , I still publish about panfu, because In this game are (now) still non members! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ !

  5. so where do we start complaning to panfu

  6. infact ill meat u today(the 25th) at 3:00 in bollywood at the beach

  7. i love this game

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