The stolen Water Quest and other news!


New Game Called “Pip it”:

It’s located at the Old Harbour!

The Music has changed at the old harbour , too!

Next is the baby alien who sleep , sleep , sleep … He maybe dream his lands in mars! :))


The quest is not now…It will start at 8.08.2008 , Next Friday!

So here is the subject in this quest:

All the water from the pool has been stolen! Why? Because this:

Now We need to wait until 8.08.2008 to finish the quest ! (This post will be updated then 😉 ! )

Also , when you finish to talk to that special Panda you can print and try this at home 🙂 !

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  1. Hey! I was just wondering..where is that ‘special panda’ thats in the caves’ colleague??

  2. The special panda is at the cave, click to talk! But the Colleague will be at 8.08.2008 😉 ! This post will be updated then 🙂 😀 !

  3. when will youn update your website?

  4. If you need to know the letter you get from panfu well that was me I didnt mean ‘From Panfu’ i meant ‘Banned from panfu’ if that is the comment you got…

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