Tour Guide for Young Pandas!

Hey pandas, here is Cosu!

I make a Tour Guide for Young Pandas! Check it out:

Hello, my name is Cosu and I will be your tour panda! 🙂

The city

In the city you can go to the Ice cream shop , the gift shop and the bolly shop (pet shop) and is the official starting building of every new panda!

There is an Advertising pillar at the town, too!

The Jungle

In the jungle, there are two games: “Bell game” and “The Fishing game! ”

You can become a tour panda here , but you need to answer correct for some questions, so be careful 😉 !

The beach

You can play the balloon game and look at the sun!

The Swimming pool

At the swimming pool you can have water balloons party or you can go with friends at the pool! 😉

You can also play a game there ;)!

The volcano

At the volcano you can play the “Heli” Game! Is the highest place on Panfu!

You can click on the telescope and “Pufff” you see the hole sky 😉 !

The Grand Panfu Castle

The castle is a verry old building in panfu! He have a lots of rooms inside!

Here you can play “Cast Away” game!

There is the castle courtyard! You can play there the “City runner game”

The sports field

Good time for some running because we are in the Sports Field!

Here you can play another game, but is with soccer!

Our Tree-house

Don’t need to forgot our tree-houses 😉

The map

All these places are in your map!

Secondary places on panfu

There are also secondary places on panfu that are not in your map:

The Ice cream shop, The gift shop, the Pet shop, The Castle Courtyard , The Castle balcony, The Disco , The Wizard room, The locker , The Sports Shop, The Coliseum, The Jungle Cave, And The Library

Our tour is ending here young pandas,



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